The 6 Week Program Includes:

1) A weekly comprehensive learning resource package that includes (6 in Total):


  • a fun mission guide for the child,
  • a parent guide that gives ideas on how the activities can be modified based on the interest and age of the child
  • an activity book filled with activities relevant to a particular theme of the week

2) Recorded virtual classes and access to at least 4 live classes

3) A portion of the proceeds are donated to charity involving an orphanage in a 3rd world country

4) Opportunity to earn a special prize pack for active participation in the program

(Total $60 value!! For only $30)

50% off

Bonus Gifts:

1) **Early Bird Special Bonus Gift**:
Be one of the first 5 people to enroll in the program and receive a 52 Page Gratitude for Muslims (digital PDF) #AlhamdulillahForSeries 
by AYEINI www.ayeini.com 

2) A Digital Vision Journal By Ilma Education (www.ilmaeducation.com)

3) Special Masterclass: Iram Shukat our guest speaker who is an experienced homeschooler and a motivational speaker.
Her topic will be: An essential skill for success in life for children. 


When viewing the preview of the virtual class ensure you type in your name and your email address as apposed to copying and pasting it.

Cost of the Program

Only $30 (early bird special until June 20 after the price is $35)

Limited Spots Available! Secure your spot ASAP to avoid disappointment.

There is an e-Transfer option available to CANADIANS ONLY who do not wish to pay by PayPal. Please send us an email for more details regarding e-Transfer. 

This program is open to participants worldwide and can pay by clicking the button below to register your child into the program. (Payment made by PayPal)

Fatima Siddiqa Mohamedali is the co-founder of SEED. Her educational background consists of a bachelor's degree and a post graduate diploma in Montessori Elementary teaching. She has more than 10+ years of teaching experience in both public and private schools. She has also led Islamic online courses for an international audience through the Academy of Learning Islam. Her hobbies consist of yoga, nature walks and playing with her 2 year old son.

Samira Juma-Jafer is the other co-founder of SEED. Her educational background consists of a Bachelor Degree in science from University of Toronto with major and minors in Biology, Environmental Science and Psychology. She also holds a diploma as a Medical Laboratory Technician. She has experience working in a research environment and has been an Islamic teacher in Madressa (Sunday school) as well as a peer tutor at Anderson College. She enjoys playing and teaching her 1.5 year old son, photography, graphic designing, taking walks and cooking.


Want to know more information or have any questions? Please send us an email to theinspiring.seed@gmail.com 
We will try to respond back to you in 24 hours. 

Our Location

Richmond Hill, Ontario
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What if I have questions about how to adapt certain activities to the needs of my child?

We are always ready to help you at any time. Feel free to email you at any time and we will be happy to answer any questions you have within 24 hours.

Is this course alot of work? How many hours of week will my child have to devote for the course?

The amount of time your child will devote weekly can range from 5 minutes to approximately 2 hours. This is a "child-led discovery course" which means the amount of time your child wishes to spend on a specific weekly activity will depend on their individual interest. There are no deadlines or tests in this course. The completion of any weekly activity is optional as well.

Do I need access to a printer for this course?

No, you are welcome to view all files on an electronic device and complete them using a pencil and a notebook. 

In what language is the program conducted in?

It is conducted in English.

What is the dates and time of the live virtual classes? How long are they?

Most live classes take place on Saturday (with maybe a few exceptions). At the start of the program we will have a mini survey asking participants for their preferences on the  time of the virtual classes. Based on the information on the preferred  time we will schedule the virtual classes. The live virtual classes are approximately an hour in length. There will always be recordings available for live classes for participants that were unable to attend the live classes. The exact platform used will be determined closer to the start of the classes.

What is the purpose of the live classes?

The purpose of the classes is to serve as an interactive virtual class for the students where they can can participate in structured discussions on the material they learned about and inspire one another to learn more about the topic. During this time students will also get to gain more insights about the topics and activities and ask any questions that they have.

Will my child be taught the different concepts?

Yes, when we share the weekly activities with you we will also include a mini webinar link that will explain all the activities for that week in detail. 

Is the privacy of my child protected in this program?

Yes, we take the matter of privacy very seriously in the program. Your personal information (and the personal information of your child) will not be shared with anyone. If you have any specific questions feel free to let us know.

Can I get a refund or withdraw halfway from the program?

It's up to your child to complete the program. However, all sales are final. 

Do you offer any assistance for people with financial difficulties?

Send us an email and we can discuss it further with you.

Contact Information


Browse through the photos of the amazing work done by our students.


SEED is a brilliantly and innovatively encourages the essential aspect of contemplating in Islam. A fantastic approach to mindful activities that focus on reflection and creativity. I would certainly recommend it for the benefit of children and adults alike!

— Mashal Hussaini
(Ex Editor of Little Explorers magazine UK)
My children thoroughly enjoyed SEED's blend of Islam linked with science. Combing a love of our faith with our current world bought the concepts to life beautifully.

— Sonya Moledina, UK
I loved the program as it was a well balanced combination of science and Quran studies. As a homeschooler my top priority has always been to bring the concept of deen into everyday secular studies. And inspiring seeds introduced and taught this combination brilliantly.

Iram Shaukat. @Irambintsafia, US

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